Get Subsea is the result of the merging of two different companies in order to offer a better service to customers.

ARRI and JUAN LASA incorporate generations of experience and know-how in their respective manufacturing processes: weld overlay and machining.

Our union delivers top quality large casted or forged piping components, machined and overlaid to customer's specifications.

Highly Specialized & Experienced Partner

We deliver valve bodies and piping components, such as bends and T junctions, up to 25 tons. We have experience in processing components up to 72” and 15.000 lbs, casted or forged in carbon steel, alloys & super alloys, machined and overlaid with Inconel 625® among other materials.

We do this thanks to our long standing experience and first-class equipment. With our experience of the market we can facilitate castings or forgings for our clients. We then machine in our Trevisan centres and weld overlay with Inconel in our laser-guided, calibrated installations, which guarantee a stable arc height and can deal with parts weighing up to 25 ft.

Valve bodies and piping components up to 25 t

World Class Facilities

Serving for present & future requirements of the upstream industry. Providing practical, safe and competitive piping and valve component solutions for subsea extractive activities such as oil & gas and minerals.

We aim to be the preferred partner for subsea OEM's, offering high spec parts. Critical large, forged components with the highest industry requirements for deep water appliances. Thanks to our world class facilities we can serve you and your clients an excellent product.

ARRI & JUAN LASA have over 20 years experience in the supply chain of top players in the onshore valve industry.

Getsubsea has experience in the metal industry. We can facilitate the raw material according to your drawings and specifications.

Major approvals:

Welding related approvals:

Our in-house quality procedures comprise non destructive tests (up to level III for UT, MPI and PT) as well we are able to final control products with high accuracy with our Zeiss 3D system.

In addition, we have established a special collaboration with Lortek, a research centre specialized in additive manufacturing and welding technologies and part of the IK4 Basque Research alliance.

This is a new alliance which is located in Ordizia in the heart of the Basque industrial area, Goierri, a valley with a centuries long industrial tradition which has adapted to the times and is stepping confidently into the future.